By G. Bains


Disclaimer: B. Co is in no way sponsored by, or affiliated with, The opinions present in this blog are solely our own. is a web-based software application that provides enhanced collaborative tools to video production teams. We here at B.Co have been using it for over nine months and it has exponentially increased our workflow efficiency.

Once a video is uploaded to, all relevant team members can leave their comments, anchoring them to specific frames in the timeline.


For example, our editor can upload a draft directly onto and the director can then comment on exactly where any changes might need to take place, while the sound director can also see that comment and make any corresponding adjustments in as close to real time as possible.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it is.

In our previous workflow, we would upload a rough draft to a cloud hosting service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Then, the editor would share it with the director, and the director would create a Google Doc and watch it as many times as they needed to. Pausing the cut, then writing down the timestamp in which the edit needs to take place, then switching back to the cut can be very tedious.

From here, a disconnect happens because the sound designer at this point is out of the loop of any edits being made, and therefore, time is lost. We would repeat this process with the sound designer to involve all things audio.

Mind you this is only the first round of edits. Around and around we go.

Even explaining how to edit without is exhausting.

As a creative agency, we value design and ease of use. Being a 2016 Apple Design Award winner, has an incredibly accessible user interface. Some of us are more technical than others, but we can all collaborate on edits with little-to-no navigation errors when using this software.

And, the mobile version (only available on iOS devices, currently) allows me to leave comments on the go.



The features of the mobile app are pretty similar to what you can do on a desktop. You can comment, draw directly onto the video, and compare two cuts, one right after the other. Although, I do wish that would develop an Android counterpart due to the fact that half our team are Droid users.

Once we have a finalized edit, we can either send a password protected download link or simply share the current state of the video with our clients. On top of that, we can send out a branded video to our clients, whereas with other cloud services, you simply cannot. solves the issue of necessary collaboration amongst video production teams. Although it is still in beta and has room for improvement, it has worked out tremendously for our agency.


G. Bains is the Creative Director for B. Co Creative Agency. With over six years of experience in graphic design and branding, G. has expanded his repertoire to include other forms of media integration, including video.