By G. Bains


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We at B. Co have been using Frame as our main presenting video and editing collaboration platform for over a year now. Frame 1.0  has been something of a godsend when comes to internal productivity. So, when the Apple’s App award-winner announced the launch of their 2.0 upgrade, we didn’t take much notice, as we couldn’t see what there was to improve upon.

We were wrong. The features included in this upgrade have already enhanced the channels of communication internally as well as with our clients.

The relationship between director and editor is paramount in post-production, but the issues in communication that arise when working remotely can be many and varied. In their recent update, Frame has added a status button to each video. Now you are able to choose if the state of the edit is “Approved”, “Needs Review”, or “In Progress”. Something as simple as this can help the flow of communication as well as provide a clear indication of the edit’s current status.

Organization is another big selling point for this new update. We are now able to create folders within projects that allow us to section files into groups, separating audio, video edits, and raw files in easy-to-manage bins.

The last big improvement we saw was the option to include outside collaborators.

Since we work in the commercial business, we always have notes from our clients. Even with the previous version of Frame, we would come across problems in communication with our clients because their notes would inevitably be followed by a long, sometimes hard to follow, email thread.

Now, with Frame 2.0, we can send out a “Presentation”. This allows us to send out the same branded video that we have always sent out but, now the client can leave notes directly on the video itself, just as we do internally. This is a tool we use to help convey a further sense of professionalism to our clients, as well as keeping them more involved in the creative process.

Before Frame, we felt like we were in the stone-age when it came to video collaboration, and just when we thought Frame could not get any better, it did. We cannot wait to see what else Frame has in the works as B.Co continues to be a proud patron.


G. Bains is the Creative Director for B. Co Creative Agency. With over six years of experience in graphic design and branding, G. has expanded his repertoire to include other forms of media integration, including video.