Frame 2.0 Review

By G. Bains


Disclaimer: B. Co is in no way sponsored by, or affiliated with, The opinions present in this blog are solely our own. 


We at B. Co have been using Frame as our main presenting video and editing collaboration platform for over a year now. Frame 1.0  has been something of a godsend when comes to internal productivity. So, when the Apple’s App award-winner announced the launch of their 2.0 upgrade, we didn’t take much notice, as we couldn’t see what there was to improve upon.

We were wrong. The features included in this upgrade have already enhanced the channels of communication internally as well as with our clients. Continue reading

Kodak PixPro SP360 4K Action Cam Review

By Jeff Knapp


Disclaimer: B. Co is in no way sponsored by, or affiliated with, Kodak. The opinions present in this blog are solely our own. 


With the proliferation of affordable VR headsets currently saturating the marketplace, manufacturers are rushing to put out equally affordable cameras to take advantage of this new medium.

One manufacturer, Kodak, broke into the VR field with their PixPro SP360 4K Action Cam.

The PixPro is marketed as an “action camera”, much like a GoPro, but with a 360-degree field of view. This is mainly targeted to consumers who want to relive their experiences in a more immersive fashion than was ever possible with traditional home movies.

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Creating Sound for Virtual Reality

By Marc Rivas


Virtual reality technology is on the rise, and increasingly becoming more and more accessible to people everywhere. Never before have content creators been able to be so intimate with their viewers, showing the most immersive depictions of their vision.

Before VR, visual media lived within a flat screen, with guided attention. A director spent time and effort setting up one shot to capture the detail and message of each scene.

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The Aputure Amaran HR672 (and the importance of CRI)

By Jeff Knapp


Disclaimer: B. Co is in no way sponsored by, or affiliated with, Aputure. The opinions present in this blog are solely our own.


As cinematographers and photographers, we often get caught up in the minutiae of our gear. From choosing the sharpest lens or the highest quality full-frame camera, to fretting over rigs, sliders, jibs, etc. But, sometimes we ignore the most important part of any shoot: Lighting.

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B.Co Creative Agency 1 Year

Our first year has been a great learning experience. Along with the 1 year there were a lot of first that happened in year one.

Collectively we shot our very first VR Scenes.

We inducted our first dedicated sound designer / music director.

Our first charity event in helping children during the holidays.

We here at B.Co will continue to build. There were and will be many more first in year 2 we are sure!

Thank you to all who believed and supported us, may we be so lucky to have your continued support!


Creative Director

Louisiana Saturday Night

If you don’t know yet, I am about to tell you, “Hey, you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow. Kick off your shoes and throw ’em on the floor. Dance in the kitchen till morning light.”

These lyrics, written by legendary musician, Mel McDaniel, perfectly captures the essence of Louisiana in the famous chorus from his hit song, “Louisiana Saturday Night”. Continue reading

Case Study – Music vs Mood (Video)

A couple months back, we posted a blog espousing the importance of using the right music for your videos. In order to illustrate this concept in further detail, we created a test (unscientific as it may be) where we filmed a single shot of a single subject, and our resident composer, Marc Rivas, developed three different musical pieces to provide three distinct emotive responses to the same footage. In this case, the footage works as the control, and the music as the variable. To achieve this, we made the lighting and color grading as neutral as possible (we’ll delve more into the use of color grading to invoke certain moods next week). Continue reading

The Music Behind Chef Ken Tsang

Written by Marc Rivas


Finding the right tone is very important when composing music. And, combining that with a visual narrative is an asset that can either support the message, or give the viewer the wrong impression.

Delivering the right feeling to represent Chef Ken Tsang was something we, as a team, payed very close attention to. We wanted to make sure the music illustrated the elegance and detail in each dish, as well as providing a complimentary emotional response to the style and narrative of the visual. Continue reading