5 Things To Look For In A Client

In the almost two years since we have established ourselves as an agency, B. Co has met with many types of clients (potential and otherwise). At first, we were dedicated to expanding our portfolio, which led to us taking on clients we otherwise might not have. Although, we are thankful for every type of client that we have worked with, because it has increased our knowledge and experience with business relations.

As content creators, we are often so focused on why the prospect should hire us that we don’t pay enough attention to what it is that we are looking for in a client. Is there a perfect client out there? No. Is there an ideal client? Yes. So, what is it that we look for on the client side that helps us do our job better?  Continue reading

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 Coverage

Unfortunately, Silicon Valley Comic Con has come to an end. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t relive the festivities.

Watch the videos below for some in-depth coverage of the event, featuring guest speakers Gina Torres, Adam Savage, and Grant Gustin with Tom Felton, as well as interviews with Comic Book Men’s Ming Chen and Sam Jones of Flash Gordon.

And, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page for additional event videos of guests Buzz Aldrin, Robert Englund, John Cusack, and more.

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Silicon Valley Comic Con

Rumored to be the biggest event in Downtown San Jose ever, Silicon Valley Comic Con comes back to the San Jose Convention center and we will be there covering the event. We hope to see Grant Gustin (CW’s The Flash), Astronaut Buzz Alrdrin, many leading tech companies as well as artist such as Drew Struzan (Hollywood’s World renowned Movie Poster Artist) If you see us please feel free to say hello!

For more information on the event click here.


B.Co Creative Agency 1 Year

Our first year has been a great learning experience. Along with the 1 year there were a lot of first that happened in year one.

Collectively we shot our very first VR Scenes.

We inducted our first dedicated sound designer / music director.

Our first charity event in helping children during the holidays.

We here at B.Co will continue to build. There were and will be many more first in year 2 we are sure!

Thank you to all who believed and supported us, may we be so lucky to have your continued support!


Creative Director

Louisiana Saturday Night

If you don’t know yet, I am about to tell you, “Hey, you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow. Kick off your shoes and throw ’em on the floor. Dance in the kitchen till morning light.”

These lyrics, written by legendary musician, Mel McDaniel, perfectly captures the essence of Louisiana in the famous chorus from his hit song, “Louisiana Saturday Night”. Continue reading