Our Mission

B.Co provides businesses at any level with the content to maneuver the multi-tiered industry of advertising, while simultaneously satisfying our own creative goals.




Video Production



What makes us unique


We realize the value in the saying, “Video is ninety percent audio”. This is why we have a Sound Designer and Composer on staff who creates original music for our videos. Instead of having to rely on over saturated stock music, get a composition that is tailored specifically to your video.


It is our belief that passion is the foundation for skill and a solid work ethic. Whether it’s our staff or creative partners, these are the qualities we look for in everyone we work with.

Collaborators, Not Clients

We understand that no one knows your business better than you do, which is why we view those who hire us as artistic collaborators, and not just clients.

Tonal Range

We pride ourselves on our proficiency in displaying a variety of aesthetic tones and themes within the materials we create. This allows us to provide you more options when personalizing your message.

Our Team

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Featured Posts

Creating Sound for Virtual Reality

By Marc Rivas


Virtual reality technology is on the rise, and increasingly becoming more and more accessible to people everywhere. Never before have content creators been able to be so intimate with their viewers, showing the most immersive depictions of their vision.

Before VR, visual media lived within a flat screen, with guided attention. A director spent time and effort setting up one shot to capture the detail and message of each scene.

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